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Darwin 9.2.1(to 10.5.2) sources

well this is it the hacked source of darwin 9.2(10.5.2)  Intel only SSE3 noNX noHPET noPC_EFI(afff)  so how this is a open source project i do not put the commpage.c and commpage.h. why??? because its illegal to provide the mac os key and i like my karma how it is now :P if you compile ir with the original .c files you kernel will look like it will need dsmos.kext

to compile it you need some binaries and library follow the instalation guide on this page to get them  tool link 

so the source files in this zip is on the same hierarchy as in kernel pachage !!!you have to replace the files not the folders!!! duh

here the source is :  !!sources!!  edit:(link removed due some source and license problems)
and big thanks to semthex for posting his sources, the code in this kernel is based on a import of the semthex hack with some chages of my part 

maybe i post a kernel already compiled tomorrow :D see ya

Edit1: so the kernel who will result of this compiled sources is still not compatible with pc_efi if some one want join the development contact me

OpenSource Kernel Development

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Well here i'm again, i not dead by the way :P

In this year i have to apresent a project in my University, and for my project i need a OS with strong bases, i chose the darwin kernel to do it, well i made this kernel to boot on a x86 hardware and bla bla bla.

So i interested in finding people with some experience in codding to start a open osx86 kernel development, so if someone is interested send me a email( or you can find me in OSX-X86 'Official Home Page"

the project is simply port some freebsd code to the legal 10.4.8 and updating it to handle leopard's new commands

for the people who ask me the question: "But this is legal?"

the answer is: yes it is legal, my project will not be legal if i dont post the sources instead, i only make a kernel for a project of my University for more info about this look at Semthex official blog

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Well this is what i proud to announce the patch for the final vmware fusion for
hackintosh, man thank god exist heavy metal, why? because is to boring to
made patchs like that :P
well anyway this is the download link for the patch instructions included in zip

ps: people this version have support to DX 9 if someone have time test it on a osx86 and tell
what is the performance on it, please post the results in and/or

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Bem é isso, é com orgulho que apresento o patch para a versão final do Vmware
fusion para hackintosh, pessoal ainda bem que existe heavy metal, porque? simples
é muitoo chato criar patchs como esse :P rsrsrs

bom de qualquer maneira aqui está o link para download, instruções incluido no zip

ps: pessoal esta versão do fusion possui suporte ao DX 9 se alguem tiver um tempo para testar num osx86, por favor postem no forum e/ou

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Finally the driver for RTL8139 for leopard is finish thank god
this is the result of some work and a lot of Blind Guardian music :P
Well this driver is based in the PCGenRTL8139Ethernet, the diference is
the realtek code updated,
the original PCGenRTL8139Ethernet is made of AppleRTL8139Ethernet-4 sources
and this new driver is based in AppleRTL8139Ethernet-141 leo source

if you PCGenRTL8139Ethernet is working i think you dont need to update but if want give a try,

my great thanks to orByte the genius behind PCGenRTL8139Ethernet

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Finalmente consegui terminar o driver AppleRTL8139Ethernet graças a deus
este driver é resultado de muito trabalho e muitas horas ouvindo Blind Guardiam
Bom este driver é uma versão atualizada do PCGenRTL8139Ethernet a diferença é o codigo fonte em si
o driver original PCGenRTL8139Ethernet é baseado no codigo AppleRTL8139Ethernet-4
este driver que fiz atualizado é baseado no codigo AppleRTL8139Ethernet-141 para o Mac Leo

Bom se você tiver o antigo driver funcionando normal acredito que não precise atualizar, de qualquer geito se quizer testa-lo o link é:

O meu muito obrigado para orByte o genio por trás do driver PCGenRTL8139Ethernet

VMware Fusion 1.0.0-51348 patched kext

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Well this post is not realy new but there's some people having
problems to download from so there's the link
to download it the instructions is in the zip

this is the current thread in mac on pc to get help.

ps need to be a forum member

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Bom este post não é realmente muito novo mas como o pessoal
estava tendo problemas para fazer o download do forum estou
postando aqui o link, o procedimento está desntro o arquivo zip, ps em inglês

este é o tópico para suporte no forum, detalhe tem que ser membro